February 21, 2019

Roofing contractors routinely interact with insurance companies and are familiar with their procedures. A professional roofing firm can act as an advocate for you, ensuring that you receive a fair and accurate estimate.

In today’s piece, we discuss why you should call your roofer before calling your insurer.

  1. Save Time

It’s difficult to file a storm damage insurance claim when it’s your first time. Examine your policy’s coverage to see what your insurer will and won’t pay. Your roofer can help by inspecting the damage and working with your insurance company to get the repairs covered.

  1. Accurate Rating

Unlike adjusters, home roofing professionals can identify roof damage quickly. Roofing experts can provide a more accurate diagnosis. Your roofer will then present their findings to the adjuster. So the adjuster knows exactly what your roof requires and can provide you a fair payout.

  1. Determine If You Should File a Claim

Filing a claim isn’t always worthwhile. Getting a roof replacement and repair professional examination allows you to estimate the cost of roof repair or replacement. It will also tell you if submitting a claim is worthwhile. Incorrectly filed claims might raise your insurance rates, increasing your overall costs.

  1. Roofers Deal With Insurance Companies Well

If your roofer has been in business for a while, they have likely worked with multiple insurance carriers. Local roofers frequently assist insurance companies to speed the insurance claim process. Filing an insurance claim isn’t always worth the bother.

We are aware that there are a few unscrupulous roofing companies and contractors out there. As a result, pick a roofing contractor you can rely on. Researching any contractor you intend to hire is the finest thing you can do. This is the most effective way to prevent scammers. Look into the background of your contractor. Examine online reviews and recommendations from trustworthy friends and neighbors.

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