February 21, 2019

Replacing worn-out roof tiles and siding improves the look and function of your home. But these aren’t the only advantages of investing in the new outside cladding. It is one of your home’s key defenses against the elements and ensures indoor comfort. In other words, new siding helps your home save energy.


Remember that combining your siding option with high-quality house wrap and rigid foam insulation can help reduce heat gain and loss via your home’s outside envelope. Still, certain siding materials perform better than others. Installing high-quality siding reduces the amount of energy required to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Read on to learn how new siding might improve your home’s energy efficiency. We’ll also cover some of the most energy-efficient siding options and other exterior house remodeling ideas.

It Provides Better Insulation

Most homes already have enough insulation in the walls to prevent heat loss. By putting a dividing layer between the insulation and the outside, new siding can improve this even more. Certain siding materials can safeguard your current insulation while successfully minimizing heat transmission between your home’s interior and exterior when installed by reputable siding contractors.

It Serves as a Moisture Barrier

Siding boards that are damaged or old must be fixed or replaced right away. The insulating foam will become saturated if moisture penetrates through your walls. As a result, its insulation is significantly reduced. The longer you wait to address these concerns, the more likely you are to face an ever-increasing energy expense.

It Raises the Insulation Rating

Vinyl provides the best insulation, making it an excellent choice for homes in temperate regions. Fiber cement siding, on the other hand, may not provide the same amount of thermal performance as vinyl, but it more than makes up for it with its superior durability, which allows it to last twice as long. Consult with your siding installer to determine which siding material is appropriate for you.

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