I Want Something Beautiful

September 28, 2022

"I Want Something Beautiful"

I was talking to a prospective client the other day. She sat there in front of her $1.8mm house. She had a roof that had been impacted by a large hail storm and she was tired of it. She was clearly the decisionmaker in the family and I could tell she wanted something that would set her home apart. She told me, “I want something beautiful. What are my options?”

If you’re curious about premium roofing options, you should definitely consider these major roof types.

The Designer Shingles

Most of the major shingle manufacturers sell designer products. These shingles are not particularly

economical, they are a status symbol. Their lifespan is estimated to be slightly longer than a regular

architectural roof, but they’re often 2-4 times more expensive than typical architectural shingles. If

you’re unconcerned about price and you want something to set your home apart in the neighborhood,

these shingles are for you. Ask about GAF Slateline, Certainteed Belmont and Grand Manor. There are

many designer lines. If you’re in NC, SC, GA, or TN, ATD Roofing has installed many of these designer roofs to

spectacular affect. If you’re interested in these products, ask your representative!

True Slate, Cedar Shake, Clay Tile

Slate Roofing
Cedar Shake
Clay Tile/Terracotta

These are the vanity products. Actual slate rock, cedar shake and tile roofing systems are a roof over a

roof. They are expensive. Many people don’t know that there is a typically a complete roofing system

underneath the Slate or Clay Tiles they see. Before these systems are installed, a complete system of ice

and water barrier or other waterproofing material is installed, and the slate or tile is put on top to

protect the underlying system. Slate is actually slate rock. There are different thicknesses available, and

the price depends on the thickness of the slate shingles. Clay tile is clay. These systems are heavy,

expensive and extremely wind resistant. They may still be damaged and chipped by large hail and

tornadic activity.

Synthetic Slate, Stone-Coated Steal.

Synthetic Slate
Stone Coated Steel

These are the ultra-durable vanity synthetics. Brands include DaVinchi and Decra. If you want a roof

that sets you apart, like designer options, these have a beautiful aesthetic, but they also have an added

resilience to hail. Most of these are Class 4 hail resistant and very wind resilient also. Again, these are

not the economical solutions. A step above normal slate, synthetic slates can withstand a baseball bat,

and stone coated steel has all the attributes of metal but carries a class 4 impact rating and looks more

like slate, shake or tile.

If you are interested in any of these systems, contact your trusted contractor and ask about them. Make

sure to check availability and be honest about what you like. These purchases are major investments

and are likely to add value to your property as well as permanently alter the look and feel of it. Select a

contractor that has done a system you’re looking for before. Make sure they’re certified by the

manufacturer. If you’re in NC, SC, TN, GA, call us here at ATD Roofing.

We’d love to discuss your project!

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