Economical Roofing

September 28, 2022

Economical Roofing

Many property owners who need a new roof find themselves in a position where they have to shell out cash for something they really weren’t planning for.  Many homeowners don’t even think about the roof until its failing.  There are all kinds of choices.  Roofs vary in quality, lifespan, aesthetic and price dramatically.  If you find yourself wondering, what is the cheapest, but decent product to put on my property to keep me dry and safeguard my valuables, this article is for you.

Three Tab Roofing

3-tab Shingles

First, don’t get a Three-Tab Roof.  It used to be the cheapest.

Three tab roofs last 20 years and have a wind rating of 60mph.  The average price of three-tabs used to cheaper, but since COVID 19 hit the world, the supply of this product is hard to come by.  Also, its not cheaper.  While pricing in different markets can vary, three-tab roofing products will be the same price or less than 10% cheaper than a quality Architectural Roof.  

Architectural Roofing

Architectural Shingles

Architectural roofing products have 35 year lifespan and if installed correctly have a wind rating of 120-135 mph.  This is the best bang for the buck.  Lasting 65% longer than a typical three tab roof and being roughly the same price upgrading to this product is a no-brainer.  An architectural roof like Certainteed Landmark, IKO Dynasty, or GAF Timberline HD are by far the most economical way to get a quality roofing system.  They also have a nice attractive look.  

If after looking at some, you become a little more particular about the look of it, take a look at Landmark Pro, and Atlas Pristine.  Landmark Pro has more color and “pop”.  Atlas Pristine has a lifetime anti-algae guarantee to prevent streaking that is common with age.  These are great upgrades for just a little more money.

Metal Roofing

Metal is a great option if you like the look and if you want to be protected against high winds.  Rib Panel roofing is approximately twice as expensive as architectural roofing.  It has a similar lifespan of 20-30 years, but it has a higher wind rating above 150mph if installed correctly on a good surface.  

Metal Ribbed Roofing
Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam metal roofing is a common commercial option and is approximately 3 times as expensive as typical architectural roofing.  Metal thicknesses vary, but most thicker metals are applied using standing-seam technologies.  These systems can last more than 50 years, but the price can be a deterrent for most residential buyers.

Designer Shingles, Cedar Shake, True Slate, Tile, Synthetic Slate and Stone-Coated Steel

These are the vanity products.  They’re not economical.  If you want a roof that is striking and don’t care about the cost, these are for you.  Otherwise, for the best bang for the buck, stick to good ol’ Architectural Shingles.

Happy Roofing!

Greenville SC