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Vent Pipes Can Cause Problems: Here's How a Roofing Contractor Will Fix Them

July 5, 2024

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Those pipes sticking out of your roof might seem unremarkable, but they play a vital role in your home plumbing system. These are vent pipes, and while they usually go unnoticed, they can sometimes cause problems.

What Vent Pipes Do

Vent pipes are like tiny chimneys for your plumbing because they allow air to circulate through the drainpipes. This circulation helps prevent a myriad of problems.

Without proper venting, air gets trapped in the pipes and creates suction. This suction can slow down the flow of water draining from your plumbing fixtures. Imagine trying to suck soda through a straw with a finger blocking the end. That is the sort of thing that happens to your drains without proper venting.

If you ever hear strange gurgling noises coming from your drains? This can also be caused by trapped air. As water flows through the pipes, it pushes air ahead of it, and this is what creates those gurgling sounds.

Vent pipes also help prevent sewer gases from entering your home. These gases can smell unpleasant and even be harmful. Proper venting allows those gases to escape through the roof instead of backing up into your drains and potentially entering your living environment.

How a Roofer Can Help

Vent pipe problems might seem more like a plumbing issue, but do not discount the skills of a roofing contractor. They can actually tackle many vent pipe problems.

Leaves, debris, or even birds' nests can sometimes block vent pipes. This can lead to all the issues mentioned previously. A roofing contractor can safely access vent pipes and remove any blockages.

Vent pipes can become damaged over time due to harsh weather, corrosion or improper installation. Signs of damage include cracks, rust or pipes that are bent or leaning. A roofing contractor can assess the damage and recommend repairs or completely replace the vent pipes.

Sometimes, vent pipes are not properly sized or installed from the start. This can also lead to drainage problems and other issues. A licensed roofing contractor can identify these issues and make certain that your vent pipes are sized and installed correctly.

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